Movie Log – June 2019


It’s almost time for mini movie marathons. Need to make up some ground. 90) Life – 4/5 (good space movie, Ryan Reynolds 🙁 no spoilers) 91) The Party Monster: Scratching The Surface – 3/5 (pretty funny, too short) 92) Parkway… Continue Reading →

Movie Log – May 2019


I really need to buckle down and get more movies watched if I’m gonna make it to 365 78) Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile – 3/5 (too “romanticized”, not enough realness) 79) Happy Death Day 2 U – 4/5… Continue Reading →

Movie Log – April 2019


Another slow month 67) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 5/5 (great intro to series, why can’t he stay at Hogwart’s?) 68) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – 5/5 (“Speak Clearly” but he doesn’t, no one notices… Continue Reading →

Avocado Buddies


I was inspired by my recent avocado adventure so I wrote a song lol *** Avocado Buddies At first it was a joke And I made fun of him But he planted the seed For an avocado win Now we’re… Continue Reading →

Movie Log – March 2019


Here is my March movie log. Still a bit behind, but should make it up in the summer. 52) Wild Love (short) 53) Saturn Thur The Telescope (short) 54) Willa (short) 55) Affection (short) 56) Cemetery Tales: A Tale of… Continue Reading →

My Avocado Adventure


So, here’s the thing. I never really got the whole avocado thing. The hipster obsession with Avocado Toast, or even the whole guacamole deal. I always asked for no guac on my Mexican food. It was never something I thought… Continue Reading →