Littlegeeklost Pod #87 – 2017 Year End


2017 has been a year of crazy highs and lows, for everyone I have talked to, and no different for myself. I discuss my year, and plans for 2018. Some big changes to help simplify my life.   Follow me… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #86 – Freddy VS Jason


It’s Friday the 13th, in October, so why not celebrate with an epic Freddy vs Jason pod? I have FEAR back on and we debate our fave horror movie slashers. Find FEAR online at Follow me on Twitter @cyannide

Littlegeeklost Pod #85 – 90s Teen Movies with FEARCastJ


I am joined by FEARCastJ from the podcast FEARCast. We discuss 90s teen movies (even though we start off talking about Mean Girls) and it goes from there. Follow him on Twitter @fearcastj and be sure to check out all… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #84 – My 90s Heart


My heart is full of the 90s. Music, movies, tv shows. The 90s are my nostalgia decade, so I discuss my faves.   Follow my on Twitter @cyannide and the show @littlegeeklost

Littlegeeklost Pod # 83 – 2 out of 3 Fetch Fest


I have 2 out of 3 of my Team Fetch bros on the show. Fear from FEARCast and Iams from Horribly Awkward Podcast. We just have some general fun conversation. Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and the show @littlegeeklost

Littlegeeklost Pod # 82 – Tell Me About Yourself


I decided to do an impromptu pod about myself. So enjoy some Mandy trivia.   Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and the show @littlegeeklost