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Freddy vs Jason


If you know me, and I would hope you do by now, you know I LOVE Freddy Krueger. BUT, Jason Voorhees is a close second in my horror movie slasher heart. So I wanted to do an EPIC Freddy VS… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #86 – Freddy VS Jason


It’s Friday the 13th, in October, so why not celebrate with an epic Freddy vs Jason pod? I have FEAR back on and we debate our fave horror movie slashers. Find FEAR online at Follow me on Twitter @cyannide

Costume Makeup – Slashers


I have been doing some costume makeups lately, to get in the mood for Halloween. And I figured I would do some posts with them. So here is the first, some classic Slashers. You can also check out my makeup… Continue Reading →

Episode #2-10 Psychic Adventures


I discuss getting psychic readings and my thoughts on the psychic world. Follow me on my personal Twitter @cyannide  

Episode #2-09 Pronunciation Book Mystery


Pronunciation Book YouTube or 77 days Mystery, is an online mystery from 2013 that involved a series of videos on a YouTube channel as well as some other sites. Check out the full wiki at   Follow me on… Continue Reading →

Episode #2-08 Space PIE with Jack


Jack is back and we discuss more space this time focusing on aliens. Follow Jack on Twitter @jlwchambers and his 3 pods @intercomicspod @theultimatespin and @sequelisers Follow me on my personal Twitter @cyannide

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