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Our House Renos


Back in the late summer we made the decision to maybe move out to the country. After a few months of things not working out, we decided maybe it would be a better option to stay and just do renos… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #108 – March Music


A few times a year I like doing an episode showcasing some new music. So I hope you enjoy these tracks. The bands on this episode: Kage Rob Smith/The Swedish Railway Orchestra Kozen TJ Hickey Behind The Horror Eclipse Records… Continue Reading →

Movie Log – February 2019


Here is my February movie log. Kinda fell behind but I will make it up in the summer. 34) Velvet Buzzsaw – 2.5/5 (good attempt/story/idea, too artsy) 35) Wish Upon – 4/5 (liked the story, decent horror) 36) Jaws –… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #107 – Horror Talk With FEARCast J


FEARCast J helps me get back into the podcast groove by talking about Haunting Of Hill House on Netflix as well as other horror related talk. Hit him up on social media at FEARCast J Find me on Twitter and… Continue Reading →

Lifelong Horror Fan


February is Women in Horror Month, and I thought I would join in by telling my horror story. My life as a lifelong horror fan. When I was growing up, my best friend Catherine and I would rent movies a… Continue Reading →

Movie Log – January 2019


I’ve been keeping track of all the movies I watch this year in my special movie journal. It was my New Year’s resolution. I watch both old and new movies, and I figured I’d do monthly posts on them. Sleepaway… Continue Reading →

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