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Friday Faves June 8th 2012

Friday faves are back! Sorry for missing last week (see post about the flood in my basement Not in a good place for details). Today’s faves are my Top 3 Fave Pizza Toppings, aside from cheese and pepperoni. No real… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves – May 25th 2012

In honour of Geek Pride Day (Towel Day, etc) my Friday Faves today are geared toward geeks. My Fave 3 Geek Movies! (It’s a hard one to narrow down to just 3, so I will go with the first 3… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves – May 18th 2012

With my birthday being on Monday (the 21st for anyone paying attention lol *winkwink*) I thought I would do a Friday Faves on cake flavours! Yay! 1. Red Velvet (Omg so totally my fave flavour of cake! Moist and delicious!)… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves – May 11th

Flavourific! Today’s friday faves are my fave flavours. For anything. 1. Green Apple (omg I will pretty much eat any candy that is green apple flavoured!!!) 2. Coffee (I love coffee so naturally I love coffee flavoured items) 3. Blue… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves – May the 4th edition

May the Fourth be with you! In celebration of Star Wars day, my Friday Faves for today are Star Wars themed. My fave Star Wars characters, aside from the main ones. 1. Max Rebo (awesome blue band leader, and always… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves (April 27, 2012)

Today’s Friday Faves are my top 3 Sci Fi/Fantasy movies. (in no order) 1. Empire Strikes Back (could have picked all 3 original Star Wars movies for this list, but that wouldn’t be fair. 2. Labyrinth (David Bowie and puppets?… Continue Reading →

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