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Hey did you know I have a book for sale?

Check out my geek book Murloc Soup For The Geek Soul. It’s a book with geek stories to inspire geeks to be themselves. For sale at And also on Amazon

TINGS: on youtube #3

Link: TINGS: on youtube #3 Welcome to Tings, where we talk about the things you can do for entertainment on the internet. Today Cyannide gives her recommendation on a classic WOW video… New Youtube TINGS! Check out my nerd glasses!… Continue Reading →

New Tings up. Netflix suggestions.

As a WoW player I relate to this, a lot.

Follow back

Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and I will follow you back. I’m pretty awesome, just saying 😉

Tings! First episode. I have joined this channel and vlog and my post will be up Monday. But check out Stray’s Netflix episode today!!

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