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Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and I will follow you back. I’m pretty awesome, just saying 😉

Geek/Nerd Music

Are you a geeky or nerdy musician? Do you make geek or nerd music? I wanna do some interviews, so get in touch. On here or by email

IT Helpdesk Rant #29

One awesome part of my job is when the server goes down and an endless parade of people come by my office, 1 at a time, to ask if there is a problem. Talk to your co-workers!

Ask Me Anything and I will answer

Ask me anything you like and I will answer, either publicly or privately.

keelah-some-thigh: my hobbies include thinking of stories to write and then not writing them Yeah I’m good for that. Some I manage to write or at least start but most just remain awesome ideas.

Too “PC”, a rant

Sometimes I feel like today’s society has become too “PC”. There are things we can and can’t say, and most of them are universal (racist slurs, hate speech, etc) but then there are the fine lines and gray areas, and… Continue Reading →

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