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The Vest

My mom’s birthday is coming up on February 22nd and it will be the second one without her here. Last year I wrote this little story with the hopes of turning it into a children’s picture book, but it has… Continue Reading →

Music Pod (and your chance to be a part)

Last chance to get a clip (or song from your band) on my pod for the end of the month. Deadline is Saturday the 22. Pod will be going up next week . Email me at

2nd Pod in the works

Thanks to everyone who sent a clip for my first podcast. It was great hearing all of them. I am planning my 2nd one, and this one will be about music. Geek music, indie music, any music. I will be… Continue Reading →

Music Pod

This month’s pod is about music. If you wanna be on it send me a clip, tell me your fave song, band, genre, instrument. What music means to you. Etc OR if you are a musician or part of a… Continue Reading →

Wanna be a part of my podcast?

I had this idea to include others in my podcasts. Have little clips of other people put into spots in the show. Just little 10 second or so clips, something like “My name is Mandy and my favourite space movie… Continue Reading →

In a good place

Despite having some really hard things to deal with come my way the last year or so, I’m actually in a good place with myself. I like who I am as a person, I am happy with personality, and generally… Continue Reading →

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