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Vlog # 3 Phantom Pooper

Did up a little vlog about Phantom Pooper Check it out here or at to purchase

Updates! YAY!

I haven’t done a vlog for a bit and for that I am sorry. Other things have taken over. BUT, I promise one will be coming soon. I have a whole plan. You’ll see. (you’ll all see…..) I WILL have… Continue Reading →

Vlog #2 – Spoken Word

I titled this vlog Spoken Word, but the real name is #2 (snicker). You will get it when you watch. Viewer discretion advised (for potential offensive content).

Youtube Chanel

OMG I now have a Youtube channel and trailer!!!

New Year’s Resolution (/plans)

I know it’s a little early, but I have been thinking about my New Year’s Resolution already. Well, more like my plans. I plan to start my podcast. I am working on the details and will have a plan in… Continue Reading →

New TINGS on youtube

Link: New TINGS on youtube New TINGS video up. Check it out.

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