The game is about a party. A party with a strange group of guests. But then something goes terribly wrong What’s that smell? Where is it coming from? OMG someone pooped!!

Your job, is to figure out who it was. But not only that, you also need to figure out what room it happened in, and what the person ate.

There are a great bunch of people who are guests at the party. Which one was it?

And the house is also full of mystery. Which room did it happen in?

The game is played with 2-6 people, and you must move around the board, with the goal to get to a room to make a guess as to who it was. With the pre-selected cards being in a bag to the side, so once someone makes a confirmed guess they can look to see if they are correct. The game goes until someone wins. With players making accusations along the way and narrowing down the suspects on their score sheet.

Landing on a ? square gives you a chance card which may help, or hinder your investigation.

So why not have some fun with some friends and investigate the case of the Phantom Pooper.

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