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Littlegeeklost Pod #95 – 90s Brit Pop

I am a BIG fan of all things UK, and I was a BIG fan of 90s Brit Pop. And follow me on Twitter @cyannide and Instagram @cyannide99

Littlegeeklost Pod # 67 – Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pod 3

I have the two Brit boys, Jack and Mat, back on. And we discuss weird Mandela Effect stuff as well as general things. Follow Jack on Twitter @jlwchambers and Mat @geekwithoutfear And as well follow me at @cyannide or the… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod # 18 – We Love Brits!

Catherine is back and we discuss British things. Benedict Cumbersnatch, Meat Muffins, Rotten Porches. If you’re British and I know you, good chance your were mentioned. Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and her at artbycatfree.com