Creative burnout. It’s a thing that happens to creative people. It’s happening to me. And people need to talk about it more.

I’ve been feeling, I dunno, kinda just not myself for awhile now. I don’t want to do anything. It kinda hit in the beginning of October and it took me a bit to figure out just what the problem was. I am a creative person by nature, always making something. Podcasts, sewing projects, graphics, tee designs, websites, writing, costume makeup, etc. Just always doing something to satisfy the ideas in my brain. And I think I finally hit a point where it sorta just was too much. I had used up all my brain had to give.

It got so bad that it literally took me a month to decide on a new cell phone case to buy after mine broke. That should be an easy decision.

It’s been really hard to deal with. And I think I am going to take a creative break. I am going to focus on just trying to let my brain recharge. I will not being recording any new podcasts until the new year. I may guest on some if I am asked. But I need to let my brain rest.

And the thing is, I know other podcasters who go thru it too. But may not know exactly what it is, or know enough to admit it. And it’s ok. I think as creative people it’s bound to happen sometime. And it will eventually get better. We all need to take time out for self care and acknowledge our own mental health.

Hopefully I will be back at 100% creative capacity and cranking out new fun stuff very soon.