I did a review recently on HollowLife Clothing Co gear. You can read that here. I loved their stuff and wanted to do a company profile on them as well.


1) Why did you decide to start a clothing company?

I always felt like I wanted to contribute to the scenes and interests I’m proud to be apart of, which would be the metal/alternative/skater type of scenes. Clothing is one of the greatest ways to connect with people, and I’ve already made a lot of friends doing so.

2) How did you get started?

I started by doing a lot of research on the history of independent clothing companies and by asking friends in the industry who are pursuing the same thing. I also spoke to other entities who sell merchandise such as a band or group. I then began looking into different ways I could incorporate streetwear with the communities I love being apart of.

3) How do you decide what to sell?

I examine many different types of items people tend to purchase whether it be online or in store and try to find the sweet spot that a customer is looking for when they go to shop. A lot of people in the alternative streetwear scene want a lot more than just any old shirt with something on it. They want something comfy, relatable, or just downright aesthetic.

4) Is it a fulltime biz?

Outside of my personal job, this store is full time. I work on it every single day, interact with friends, followers and customers all the time, and I take the necessary time out to learn, grow and look forward.

5) Tell me a little bit about yourself

My name is Trey, and I am the sole owner of HollowLife Clothing Co. Ever since I was a young boy I always wanted to get into something having to do with design, whether graphic design, clothing, or video services. I have a wife and a daughter who is almost a year old. I’m always looking to make new friends and build eachother up and looking forward to the future that HollowLife is leading me to.

I would recommend checking out their website hollowlifeclothingco.bigcartel.com and following them on social media on Instagram @hollowlifeclothingco and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hollowlifeclothingco/