Welcome to early 2020. Where the first 4 months of the year have been filled with WW3 threats, countries on fire, and then a pandemic virus. It’s a crazy time in society.

We’re all currently dealing with COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. It’s spread worldwide and caused us all to go into self isolation and quarantine. And I wanted to share my viewpoint as of right now.

Mid March Canada started getting more strict with lockdowns, and encouraging people to self isolate. Things were very fast moving in and the time span of a Monday to Friday, my job went from asking us to self isolate if we were sick, into getting us all setup to work from home. And that’s where I have been since March 20.

I am very lucky that my job is considered essential (telecom) but also that I am able to work from home. I’m very lucky and thankful that I still have employment, when a couple million Canadians no longer do. And I really appreciate my employer and all they do for us.

But it’s been an adjustment. I had a computer desk and home office set up so getting things arranged wasn’t too bad. And I really don’t mind my commute is just down the hall. I’ve been enjoying wearing comfy clothes everyday, and not worrying about weather. I do miss shopping though. And I miss Sunday family dinners. It’s also increased my anxiety to the point my doc increased my medication. And I feel like I’ve been social distancing myself from my online friends as well.

And another side effect is not wanting to be creative. I should be doing more podcasts and more fun projects, since I have extra time (no more grocery shopping or errands). But I haven’t had the creative drive at all. And it’s not like I feel depressed, but I just don’t wanna do much. I think it’s that I feel mentally drained almost. It’s a weird feeling.

Society is at a strange point. And the craziest part is that it’s affecting literally everyone. Everyone I know and talk to can relate. Everyone is on lockdown (should be anyway) and going thru the same things. And that’s such a strange thing to experience.

I go back and forth thinking society will go back to normal soon and being anxious that it will never be normal again. This is likely our new normal at least for the foreseeable future.

But I’m very thankful for my job and income. And having the ability to work from home. And being able to get grocery pickups every couple weeks. I’m also thankful for all our frontline workers out there being overwhelmed but still doing their jobs. And I’m thankful for all the businesses pivoting to make masks, hand sanitizer, and other required products. As well as the ones setting up curb side pick up and home delivery of essential goods.

We’re all in this together. So stay strong. Stay home. And stay safe.