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Friday Faves August 31, 2012

Today’s Friday Faves are my guilty candy pleasures! I am Canadian, so I do not count chocolate as candy. Top 3 Candy Treats! 1. Marshmallow Strawberries (only good when fresh and squishy) 2. DOTS (…more dots….hehehe) 3. NERDS!!! (gotta love… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves, August 24, 2012

Today’s Friday Faves are all about coffee!! My fave thing in the world!! I would not be able to function without caffeine. As most computer/gamer geeks go. So here are my Top 3 Fave Way to Get Coffee Into My… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves August 3, 2012 (SQUEE)

Happy Friday! It’s the Friday of a long weekend for me, so here are my Top Fave Baby Animal pages! SQUEE! 1. Zooborns Baby animals born at zoos and animal sanctuaries, helping to keep their populations from going extinct. 2…. Continue Reading →

Friday Faves July 20th 2012

Today I think I will post my fave 3 ridiculous animals. Top 3 Ridiculous Animals I Like 1. Lemurs I love lemurs, especially ring tailed lemurs (my fave animal I think). And I have loved them since I was a… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves June 29, 2012

Since this weekend is the Canada Day weekend, Top 3 BBQ foods. 1. Hot Dogs (I really love bbq hot dogs when they get crispy) 2. Potato Salad (no bbq is complete without one) 3. Cake (every bbq needs cake… Continue Reading →

Friday Faves June 15th 2012

Today I’m thinking about spending time after work reading and having a glass of wine (which is new for me since I have never liked wine, but I had a good one the other day and I’m going to pick… Continue Reading →

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