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As a WoW player I relate to this, a lot.

Follow back

Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and I will follow you back. I’m pretty awesome, just saying 😉

Tings! First episode. I have joined this channel and vlog and my post will be up Monday. But check out Stray’s Netflix episode today!!

Comic Book Nerds

Call the comic store to ask a question and they recognize my voice lol guess hubby and I are considered regulars. Kinda funny to me.

An Interview with Canadian Geek Girls

I posted this article over on but wanted to posted it here as well. *** I am a Canadian Geek Girl and I am always looking for inspiring geeks to connect with and hear stories from. And I decided… Continue Reading →

Got my custom Little Geek Lost hoodie and tee! Yay! Might put them up for sale in a store online.

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