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Self promotion

Shameless self promo. Like me on fb follow me on twitter and follow my blog at

Fun times

Sometimes I like doing this for the hell of it, my # is 807-621-5927, hit me up with a text if ya want 😉

I enjoy being a nerd!

So this happened. I made up my own lyrics to “I enjoy being a girl” but now it’s “I enjoy being a nerd”. I did them super quick and spontaneous, so forgive me if they aren’t perfect lol I adore… Continue Reading →

No Time! There’s never any time!

A lot of the time I feel like Jessie Spano (minus the caffeine crazy, because I know how to handle my caffeine). It feels like there is no time. I have so many ideas and projects I wanna do, and… Continue Reading →

Look in a book!

It’s been awhile (a LONG while) since I posted. But I have been busy. My book is now published and up for sale online! It’s on Lulu, which is the main source for it, here for the paperback copy and… Continue Reading →

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