A lot of the time I feel like Jessie Spano (minus the caffeine crazy, because I know how to handle my caffeine). It feels like there is no time.

I have so many ideas and projects I wanna do, and there is never enough time in the day. I spend 8 hours 5 days a week working. And after work I have errands, then walking the dog, then usually a few minutes to sit down before I have to make supper, then we usually watch a show or 2, then it’s bed time. On the weekends Saturday is spent going to the comic shop first thing, then maybe some bigger errands, then some time playing World of Warcraft, then some cleaning and then supper, followed by coffee with friends or maybe watching movie. Sundays are a write off because it’s visiting family day and then laundry and such. So really, sometime in there I manage to fit in writing for a nerd news site (www.wordofthenerdonline.com) and get done any other projects I have set my mind on.

I have self published 2 books.

One about Roller Derby Rolling On: A Roller Derby League Survival Guide


And the other about being a geek Murloc Soup For The Geek Soul


I also used to make bunnies found here


And I have so many other ideas.

I want to write a children’s book about my mom (who passed away) mainly for my future children.

I want to write about my old job (which my friend says was a lot like The Office) with it’s crazy shenanigans and odd co-workers. It really was a full of experiences no one would believe.

I want to write more for the news site I work for, as well as start writing for another Canadian geek site.

I want to write this blog more.

I have WAY too many ideas and not nearly enough free time.

But I think maybe dumping my thoughts back onto this site will help. It will at least make me feel like I am accomplishing something. Even if it’s only blog updates.