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1 Year of Podding

Podding, not pudding, although pudding is pretty fantastic. It’s a new year and I have been podding (podcasting) for a year now. 16 pods so far, and they have been a great experience. I have talked about Heroes vs Villains,… Continue Reading →

Heroes vs Villains

This podcast is about Heroes vs Villains, which one are you in the story of your life? I go over my opinions on the subject, and have clips from others with their chosen path. So which one are you?

Updates! YAY!

I haven’t done a vlog for a bit and for that I am sorry. Other things have taken over. BUT, I promise one will be coming soon. I have a whole plan. You’ll see. (you’ll all see…..) I WILL have… Continue Reading →

Ideas for Things

I have too many thoughts and ideas in my head most of the time. And unfortunately a lot don’t see the light of day, or get added to my “eventual” list. But there are some I am going to be… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #2

This pod, pod #2 (snicker) is about music. I have included some of my fave indie songs and some geek songs for you to enjoy. I will include links to all of their music below, and I invite all of… Continue Reading →

Littlegeeklost Pod #1 (look who made a podcast)

So I finally got my first full length podcast done. YAY ME! I hope everyone likes it. I have clips from other people in it, because I want to have a community type feel. The intro (and background music) is… Continue Reading →

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