10597424_269290699929502_253890200_nPodding, not pudding, although pudding is pretty fantastic. It’s a new year and I have been podding (podcasting) for a year now. 16 pods so far, and they have been a great experience.

I have talked about Heroes vs Villains, Weirdness, Music, and Geek stuff. I have talked to a German, my BFF, a few Brits, and a couple amazing geek bands. And I did a few pods with clips from my online friends and followers, which always turned out amazing.

And I even turned some audio from the pods into Youtube videos

Overall it’s been a great year for developing my podcast and direction. And it’s just getting started! I have plans. Big plans. Plans to have MORE interviews, more interaction, and even get revenge on a couple of Scottish dudes who have it coming. Plans to try to join a podcast network to help promote, and well network, my pod. And of course, more Jack.

So I hope you stick around, and pass my pod on to your friends and followers and spread the wonder that is the Littlegeeklost podcast. And if you have any suggestions I always welcome them. Follow me on Twitter @cyannide and let me know your thoughts.