I have too many thoughts and ideas in my head most of the time. And unfortunately a lot don’t see the light of day, or get added to my “eventual” list. But there are some I am going to be exploring soon, as part of my plan to try a new geeky thing/learn a new geeky thing each month, and blog/vlog/pod about it and the progress I make.

So I am working on that list, and one of the things I want to explore and dedicate some time to, is working on either some short stories or possibly a bigger online type of story, about some characters I have had floating in my head for awhile. Some superhero types, and other just odd characters. Ultimately I would like to write a full novel, but non-fiction comes easier to me than fiction, so it’s always been a little shaky. BUT I have a plan (oh yes, I have a plan). I was thinking of doing character sheets, at the very least, and then possibly a story outline, and go from there. That’s one idea anyway.

Other ones I want to explore are:

– Pokemon (HUGE geek area I really don’t know much about)
– Tabletop/board games (I actually made my own, so that’s a start)
– Science? (experiments?)
– Others I can come up with lol

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions feel free to share them with me!

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