So this happened. I made up my own lyrics to “I enjoy being a girl” but now it’s “I enjoy being a nerd”.

I did them super quick and spontaneous, so forgive me if they aren’t perfect lol

I adore being dressed in something geeky
When my friends come over to my place
And I roleplay as someone who isn’t sneaky
Rolling dice and shouting “In your face”!

When I have a brand new cosplay
With my makeup and clothes superb
I walk the con floor like it’s my day
I enjoy being a nerd!

I know that I’m smart and goofy
And my movie quotes will be heard
Because that’s just “Groovy”
I enjoy being a nerd!

I flip when doing raids in WoW
Because of all the crazy nerd rage
But it only serves to prove how
The kids really do act their age!

I’m strictly a weirdo weirdo
And a geek I will always be
I’ve found a place to be me now
And the geeks who enjoy being a nerd…like…me!