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Littlegeeklost Pod # 31 – Canada VS USA

I talk to an American, DBrew, about how awesome Canada is, as well as some stereotypes I have about the US and ones he has about Canada. It’s fun to argue with Americans, especially this one. Find him online at… Continue Reading →

Logo Ideas **UPDATE**

**UPDATE**. Would love feedback @cyannide on Twitter. Kinda thinking 3 for pod logo and 4 for the site. 1 2 3 4

The Problem with Geek Shops

I try to be a good geek and give people the benefit of the doubt, and support local shops, but sometimes they make it really hard.   The problem I have with geek shops is there are the bad ones… Continue Reading →

Neon Milk, Their Gift to the Human Race

(this article was originally published over at but I wanted to post it here as well) I have never done a review of an album before, but I felt I had to now, for this specific album. Neon Milk… Continue Reading →

The Phantom Pooper

Awhile ago I made my own board game. I even got it printed online into an actual game. All professional like. It’s called The Phantom Pooper (Who pooped at our party?) and spawned from a conversation during a dinner with… Continue Reading →

Another thing I am working on

I am finally putting the pieces together for my new story (novel?). I have this whole video/movie in my head of it, I just need to get it down into writing. I am still toying with the idea of publishing… Continue Reading →

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