This is the rebrand. I felt it was time for a change, a bit of a refresh. So this pod includes my new theme song, thanks to Meri Amber, find her online at and thanks to my other 2 theme song entries, Circuit Static @circuitstatic and Ryan Dain @ryandain

Also, my new tag line is “Random Geek Adventures”. I felt it was more fitting to where I am at this point. And I’ve grown and found my place, which is podcasting, so it’s an update to that. I also wanna thank all the fellow podders of #PodernFamily for welcoming me and really helping me find that podcasting is my place.

And I also have some new merch at which includes tees, hoodies, coffee mugs, and notebooks. If you buy any merch be sure to post a pic and tag me! Here are some of the new designs.


As part of the rebrand, have a look at some of my old logos as the story of Littlegeeklost evolved.

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