I keep wanting to write either a novel or short story or something. But I have a hard time writing for that long. So I mainly just keep thinking up different scenes in my head, usually while driving, and I thought I might start just writing them out and posting them.


Adara stood backstage, nervously waiting for her big debut. She had never really aspired to be a performer, she just sorta fell into it, once her powers took hold. But that had always just been minor feats to a small group of friends or onlookers, never to an actual crowd. And now she would be showing off in front of a huge crowd. Which Mr Sattar was winding up as she watched. He was an excellent ringmaster, with a booming voice and full of energy. He could make you excited for the most mundane thing. And he was using his powers of excitement to get the crowd ready to see Adara, and her powers, and she only hoped she wouldn’t be too nervous to perform.

“So without further adieu, I give you Adara!” and she knew that was her cue. She looked down at her hand, and made a tiny little flame the size of a match, just to reassure herself. Then she walked out through the curtain.

“Adara, my dear…” Mr Sattar spoke to her in his loud voice.

“Yes Mr Sattar…”


And with that the lights went out and the music came on, and she knew she was on. She danced around the ring, pointing to each post that was carefully laid out for her, lighting it aflame with a brilliant burst of fire. The crowd cheered as she moved from post to post, and she danced in her own little world. A world of fire and passion and each post sizzled and popped as it caught fire. She focused only on the fire and the sounds encouraged her to keep moving. It was like she was in a trance and her body just knew where it needed to go. It was a magical sight to see her float around the ring and the crowd was enthralled with her.

And with a sizzle and pop the last post was alight and she stopped dead center in the ring, hands in the air. The whole place was now lit from the burning posts and the amber glow was giving the place a magical feel. The crowd stood on their feet cheering and Mr Sattar held her hand up high, and shot her a look of pride.