It had come to this, been building to this, was finally time for this. For this note. The note said that she loved him and had always loved him and if he wanted to be with her he would know where to find her. She placed it on the table and walked out the door. She really hoped he would be able to find her. She second guessed not leaving a clue but it was too late now. No looking back.

She stopped by her office briefly.  Just long enough to grab the striped throw she kept there for the colder days. Then she headed out.

And as she walked towards the beach she wondered if he would come for her.  If he would find her. What if her big bold move didn’t pay off. What if she had just pushed him away.

She walked along the shore and found some rocks to toss into the water just to see the splash. She then found a nice spot to sit and wrapped the throw around herself and watched the waves.

An elderly man walked past and said what a nice evening it was and she agreed and he continued on past her. And then she heard him say the same thing to an unseen person and she heard someone reply that it was a great day. And she closed her eyes and smiled because she knew that voice. It was him. He had found her. And for a moment she kept her eyes closed,  doubting her ears were telling her the truth. And then she felt someone kneel in front of her, felt their hands on her face, and then their lips upon hers. And she knew he was there. For her.