I get asked about my tattoos sometimes, and I always think I should do a blog on them. So now I am!

I have 7 tattoos on various body parts.

My first tattoo (which was originally in black and gray), it’s from an Amy Brown fairy painting, that I edited to make it custom. Then I got it coloured in, which I kinda regret, but it’s my first so I won’t ever get it covered up. It’s on my inner left ankle.
Kinda out of order, this is my 3rd tattoo. It went thru many ideas while I was waiting for my appointment, but I settled on my childhood nickname from my parents in a banner. It’s on my right back kidney area.
IMAG0159 There are my 2nd and 5th tattoos. The infinity symbol was my 2nd. It was originally just a blue line, but I got it redone and love it now.


The dice were my 5th tattoo. I got it on my first trip to Vegas, as a fitting souvenir, and even though it’s not perfect, I love it because the trip wasn’t perfect. There are both on my inner right wrist/forearm.

My 4th tattoo.  I got it to go with my infinity symbol, to match with it. In case you can’t read it (some people can’t) it says Soul. It’s on my inner left wrist.
My 6th tattoo. And BY FAR the most painful. (Like wow). It’s a nerd monkey because I have monkey feet (I can pick stuff up with my toes) and I’m a nerd! Foot tattoos are crazy painful. But I love it a lot. It’s on my right foot.
My 7th tattoo (last?). When my mom passed away unexpectedly in 2012, I wanted to do something to memorialize her. I had a note with her writing of Mom on it, and the cat is my cat Sokz who passed away earlier that year as well. It was fitting because she loved cats, and he’s holding a carnation in his mouth, her fave flower.