With 2016 creeping up, I’ve decided to post about my plans for next year regarding my site.

First off, I plan to spend most of January getting things in order and sorted out. That’s because I plan to start doing bi-weekly pods in February. Consistently. (Hopefully).

More music pods (got some artists lined up). More interviews (got some cool geeks lined up). AND even got a consistent guest co-host lined up, Mr Grumpypants himself, Mat Wilmot (you’ll recognize his grump from previous pods).

I also plan to do some YouTube Let’s Play videos, mainly on The Sims, and how I murder them lol.

And if things go well, I’m looking at starting up a podcast network site, with podcasts listed by category, to help listeners find them and podcasters network. And maybe even a Youtuber section.

So that’s my big plan for next year. Hopefully my ADHD doesn’t kick in and I actually stay on track.

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Happy Holidays!