Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to go for a nice drive along the northshore of Lake Superior, east of where we live, and take some photos along the way. It’s such a pretty time of year with the fall colours in the forest.

20151010_123539 Stopped at a nice lookout along the side of the highway, with a great view of the lake.
20151010_123625 Such a great view
20151010_131535 Stopped in Rossport, Ontario at a cute little cafe called Serendipity Gardens to have lunch.
20151010_131957 The view from inside the cafe. I didn’t take a pic but I had an excellent burrito.
20151010_140910 Little beach on the lake, with the winds kicking up waves.
20151010_150433 View down the highway.
20151010_151409 Mountains and trees.
20151010_151419 Highway winds up thru the mountains, with the lake on one side.
20151010_151430 Such great views of the lake.
20151010_151832 Just a really nice spot.