Since I’m starting to talk to more people online from other countries, I’ve been getting more curious as to what they call certain items.

And because I had a very confusing conversation with Jack Chambers about words for specific clothing, I wanted to know what others thought.

So I asked them to tell me their slang words for a list of 10 items. Some I knew, so I didn’t.

The people who answered are:

Mathew aka The French Connection aka Early Bird Special from Northern England

Desiree from the Mountain/Western United States

Jack Chambers from Southern England

Jan Harák,Liberec, Czech Republic

Steena Born & raised in Ohio, USA

Anna, I grew up in London, England, but have lived in Seattle, WA. for the past 8 years

Jens Reineking from Hattorf, Germany



1 Mat: Depending on the thickness this could either be a waistcoat or a body warmer, it’s also the sort of thing a train spotter or bird watcher would wear so you could call it a dork jacket

Desiree: vest

Jack: Waistcoat

Jan: Vest

Steena: Vest

Anna: Vest

Jens: Weste

2 Mat: that there is a vest… also known as a boob sculptor or the ‘she’s having a day off and needs an excuse not to wear a bra

Desiree: Sleeveless tank top OR muscle T

Jack: Vest

Jan: Tank Top

Steena: Tank top

Anna: vest

Jens: tanktop

3 Mat: that’s a waterproof jacket also know as a wind breaker, ramblers armour or a jerk offs wipe down suit

Desiree: Jacket

Jack: Jacket (also, possibly sports top)

Jan: Jacket

Steena: Windbreaker or jacket

Anna: Jacket

Jens: Jacke (slang perhaps Kutte (cowl))

4 Mat: that’s a jumper, or a sweater. It’s also referred to as ‘this itchy fucker’ the ‘thanks nan’ and the winter warmer

Desiree: Long sleeve shirt – i would say sweat shirt if it’s like super thick material

Jack: (Freddy Krueger’s) Jumper

Jan: Jumper

Steena: Sweater

Anna: Jumper

Jens: Pullover

5 Mat: ha easy one, these are trousers, some times called slacks by people of my generation. for years they were deemed uncool by the jeans wearing crowd but they are actually more comfortable, better fitting and cover up your ass ya damn hoodlums

Desiree: Pants

Jack: Trousers

Jan: Pants

Steena: Pants

Anna: Pants

Jens: Hose

6 Mat: Ok the ones on the left are Y-fronts, tighty whiteys, or ball-a constrictors. the ones on the right are knickers, unmentionables or ‘go on it’s his birthday’ both are pants either ways

Desiree: Underwear

Jack: Pants

Jan: Panties

Steena: Underwear, briefs, panties

Anna: Pants

Jens: Unterwasche

7 Mat: I wear these all the time, I love me my Chucky T’s. Personally I’d call these sneakers but my countrymen would refer to them as trainers

Desiree: Shoes – although I have heard people say “chucks” for that particular style

Jack: Trainers (usually say Converse when referring to those ones specifically)

Jan: Shoes

Steena: Those specifically are Converse, but Converse falls under the heading of sneakers or tennis shoes

Anna: Trainers

Jens: Turnschuhe / Sneakers

8 Mat: That’s a bag, I call mine my backpack but many call it a rucksack. Some call it a home and others a comforter… mine is filled with old news papers and a paper cup once used by Cher!

Desiree: Backpack

Jack: Backpack

Jan: Backpack

Steena: Backpack

Anna: Rucksack

Jens: Rucksack

9 Mat: these are ice-pops. My mum said it was the only thing that stopped me crying when I was teething as a baby. They come in multiple sizes the worst being the tiny five inch ones given to you by stingey relatives the best beig the foot long mamma jammers that took you forever to eat.

Desiree: Freezypops

Jack: Ice Lollies

Jan: Ice cream

Steena: Freezerpop. It is decidedly different from a popcicle, which comes on a stick

Anna: Ice pops

Jens: Wassereis

10 Mat: We call them ‘cans of pop’ in merry old England. some people… SOUTHERNERS mostly call them ‘cans of drink’ because they are from the south and basically pansies who ain’t good for nuffin… lousy southerners…. damn them all

Desiree: SODA

Jack: Fizzy drinks

Jan: cans

Steena: pop

Anna: Fizzy drinks

Jens: Softdrink