It’s time again for another geek music blog. This time it’s about 3 amazing artists.

BPQFT462JhGb2n6Hw0UYdkjCEURgAp7nKmwphzW5wlkFirst up is Meri Amber, a personal fave of mine when it comes to geek music and parodies. I had the pleasure of hearing her new album “Pop Goes The TARDIS” and feel in love. It’s full of wonderful Doctor Who related songs and has some very catchy tunes. I especially love New Companion, as well as Baby Get Me A TARDIS.

It’s a fun album, which fits her usual style, and I love that it’s a nice little adventure thru the Doctor Who fandom.

I really like seeing a young artist like her come up with fresh ideas and hit the geek fandom target, because it’s a genre I’m falling in love with and she is on my list of artists I keep an eye on.

You can find her album here so be sure to check it out.


photo-originalNext up is someone new to my geek music radar, but we have a geek musician friend in common. Peter, the creator of Rock, Paper, Cynic web comic has something new in the works.

In his own words:

It’s a musical mad science experiment involving a broken telephone-style songwriting chain made up of some of the today’s top geek musicians
It includes The Doubleclicks, MC Frontalot, Zach Sherwin (Epic Rap Battles of History), Sarah Donner (who does The Oatmeal’s webcomic sing-a-longs), Professor Shyguy, and many, many more
The resulting double-album is themed around the history of miscommunication and being distributed by carrier pigeons, messages in bottles, cave paintings, and mysterious destiny amulets

You can find out more info here  and I plan on having an interview with him up soon.


Fallout_VaultBoy_MrGee_800And lastly we have Mr Gee, a geeky musician who is tackling a strange but awesome task to mark the coming of the new Fallout 4 game. He’s doing 87 songs in 87 days!

I’m always impressed by musicians who can be so creative they can just come up with songs on the spot, and to be able to crank out a song a day for 87 days is insane! He must have a lot of pent up creativity, and I look forward to seeing how the whole run comes together.

You can follow the adventure here and countdown the days until the new Fallout game.



So check out these awesome geek musicians and if you’re a geeky artist or know one, hit me up as I would love to know about it. and @cyannide on Twitter