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I wanna set my novel in the 90s, because, well, because lol but I am not sure how to convey that to the reader without adding too much description. “The cool autumn air crept up under her denim jacket.” lol… Continue Reading →

OMG Brain, stop, STAHP!

So just because I never have enough to do, I am thinking about working on my wicked novel/story idea again, and need to get an outline and some notes together so it flows well. I also really wanna do a… Continue Reading →

Ask Away!

It’s TMI Tuesday ask me anything on here or¬†, I will answer (as long as it’s not creepy lol)

Story via Tumblr

So I have this awesome idea for a novel, and I was thinking, instead of the usual way of writing it, I would write it in chunks and post them on my blog. Then when it’s done I would put… Continue Reading →


I’m obsessed with the UK. And accents. I watch videos on Youtube with accents to pass the day at work lol Today is Scottish accents. Can listen to them forever.

“Reality” Shows

I get the whole beef with Heroes Of Cosplay¬†and the how “reality shows”edit to make certain people look better or worse to increase drama and ratings. But my issue with the finale was that lumping all out of towners together… Continue Reading →

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