So here it is, the 3rd part to my 3 part blog on Movie Monsters.

There has been a trend in movies and pop culture, where a certain thing becomes SUPER popular for a time, and then shorta fades away. Not always going completely away, and sometimes even re-surging into popularity.

Movie monsters fit these cycles. Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies. And with zombies becoming over-saturated, we need a new monster. What will the next big thing be?

Well I’m here to promote the Mummy!

Think about it. We’ve gone thru all the other BIG classic movie monsters, so it’s the Mummy’s turn. Sure, there have been Mummy movies over the years (The Mummy trilogy with it’s spin off The Scorpion King being the most recent). But the Mummy has never got its due.

The Mummy is a great ancient being, full of rich history. Egyptians being the most famous mummy makers, but several other cultures have their own mummies as well. And the Mummy is a monster that is made, just like all the others, so it fits along those lines.

The Mummy is a different type of monster though, sometimes without a clear intent. Usually the Mummy is on a quest to become human again, and may be looking for parts or a soul or the like. They may be looking to perform a ritual to return to human form. But sometimes the Mummy just wants to lumber around, not really fully attacking anyone. They are slow like zombies, but strong like vampires. They may be undead like zombies, but they usually have different motives.

What better movie monster to be next than the Mummy? Plus they are easy to dress up as. Just buy a few rolls of toilet paper, or use cloth.

I think the Mummy deserves to be the next big sensation and I will fight for it. I’m going to start seeking out Mummy merchandise and promoting it. And I think you should help me start the Mummy craze!