Friday Faves for today, top 3 hobbies!

I have a ton of hobbies (thanks to ADD) so here are my top 3 right now lol

1. HATS! I’m sure you have seen me mention my hats. There is a hats page on this site. I have an Etsy store up now (with new designs coming soon). I’m loving making hats. Just wondering how I will wear them all.

2. Collecting odd toys. I LOVE odd toys. I am right now obsessed with Living Dead Dolls, but I also enjoy Domos and anything from Japan, as well as just anything else random and bizarre.

3. Archery. Awhile ago (LONG before that Hunger Games movie came out and I had never heard of the books) I decided I wanted to get into archery. I talked my hubby into joining me, and we got a couple compund bows and joined a local archery club. It’s so fun, and relaxing. I love getting into the zone. I have no intentions of hunting, just wanna shoot targets. And prepare for zombies 😉