So first off let me apologize for not doing a Friday Faves 🙁 I have been crazy busy. Instead, here is a Monday Faves.

Top 3 Fave Summer Smells

1. Sunscreen (I like the smell, which is usually a coconut scent. It reminds me of childhood)

2. Fresh Cut Grass (a usual summer smell, and a sure sign of summer)

3. Water (whether from a hose or a lake, fresh water has a nice refreshing scent)

Geek Shows!!

So my hubby and I found a way into the US Netflix (won’t go into details *winkwink*) and we have been overwhelmed at all the options. Far more than the Canadian one. And we have started watching some great geek shows we have thought about for ages, such as the newer Battlestar Galactica. It is really nice to be able to check them out, without having to download them (which can be a real pain).

I am also in awe of all the awesome documentaries. I love docs and doc shows. I can watch the History Channel all day. And with being able to check out shows like Destination Truth (which I was already caught up on anyway) and Monsterquest, among other interesting shows, I can’t imagine how I will ever get anything done at home now.