Sometimes I feel like today’s society has become too “PC”. There are things we can and can’t say, and most of them are universal (racist slurs, hate speech, etc) but then there are the fine lines and gray areas, and I feel like those are starting to creep out and increase their area.

I’m not going to get into specific terms because I have in the past and I’m tired of fighting on the Internet. But it’s just something that makes me upset. People need to not take things so seriously sometimes. Not everything is an attack on you, your gender, your ethnicity, your sexuality, or the like. Sometimes things are just things. You need to focus on the intent behind them.

I feel like in our fight for equality for all, we have gotten to a point where there is really no freedom anymore. Sure you can say what you want, but you will be chastised for it and hunted down with pitchforks.

People really need to stop taking everything so seriously. And telling others what they can’t say. We know the big ones, we know what we can’t touch due to common sense, but there are the gray areas which really need to go back to being gray and not giant black holes of outrage.

But then again I spend most of my time around guys, talking like a sailor and finding humour in awful things. So maybe I am biased from the other side.

I am more an equalist than a feminist I think. No one should be above the other.