My mom’s birthday is coming up on February 22nd and it will be the second one without her here. Last year I wrote this little story with the hopes of turning it into a children’s picture book, but it has just sorta sat around. It’s inspired by my mom and her weird vest she made, and just a cute little thing I put together that she would have loved. I want to share it with all of you.


The Vest

There was a little girl named Patti who was a very creative child.

She didn’t care what anyone thought of her, and would often color her own hair a bright pink color, despite her mom’s outcry.

One day Patti’s mom took her to the store to buy a new sweatshirt.

Patti looked and looked but couldn’t find anything she liked.

Finally her mom pulled out a purple sweatshirt and asked Patti “How about this?”

“It’s….ok….” answered Patti, who wasn’t too thrilled about it.

“Good enough!” said Patti’s tired mom and they purchased the shirt and headed home.

Patti wore the new purple sweatshirt, but was never quite comfortable in it.

She would pull and twist it, but it never seemed to feel quite right.

Then one day she decided to tailor the shirt herself.

She got out her safety scissors and cut the long sleeves into short sleeves.

“There!” Patti exclaimed when she was done. Now it felt better.

But that feeling only lasted a few days, and Patti knew she needed to do more.

She then cut the bottom of the sweatshirt into fringe.

“There!” she exclaimed again.

But that wasn’t enough either. Now she cut a slit down the front and turned it into a vest!

“Brilliant!” she exclaimed when finished this time. It was perfect.

Patti finally felt comfortable in her new vest. She loved it and wore it everyday.

And when the vest was finally too wore out Patti took the fabric pieces and gave them to a bird in the yard, so she could use it for her nest and someone else could enjoy it.