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Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies… and Mummies?

A couple years ago I wrote a series of posts on Movie Monsters and my take on the classics. Since I have had some questions about my thoughts on them lately, I thought I would repost these blog entries, to… Continue Reading →

bryanthenerd: Dogs vs Apes vs Zombies This fall, in time for Halloween, The Gorilla with a Baseball Bat Returns!  That’s when three dogs,… View Post

Ideas, ideas

As you know by now (if you read my blog lol) I am always full of ideas. Yay for ADHD! My latest idea is to try my hand at fiction writing. It would be my first fiction (other than my… Continue Reading →

Movie Monsters Part 2: Aaahhh Zombies!!!

Part 2 of my epic 3 part blog on Movie Monsters is about zombies. Of course. Now, I love zombies as much as the next person, more so. I’m sort of a zombie hipster. I liked them BEFORE they became… Continue Reading →


So I’m a HUGE zombie geek. Cheesier the better when it comes to zombie movies. And I have to promote my fave zombie movie right now (possibly ever). Aaah! Zombies! It’s a quirky little movie about zombies of course. And… Continue Reading →