Part 2 of my epic 3 part blog on Movie Monsters is about zombies. Of course.

Now, I love zombies as much as the next person, more so. I’m sort of a zombie hipster. I liked them BEFORE they became mainstream lol. I have always been a horror movie fan, loving the cheesy B movies the best, and that’s where the zombies resided. For years they were in their own little area. They were the slow shuffling monsters, the undead, who were after your brains. And there were many different ways people became undead; virus, failed experiments, etc. They even had their own corner of the video game market, mainly the Resident Evil franchise (a personal fave).

Zombie fans were content with their subculture of the horror genre. Then zombies somehow jumped into the mainstream. Now there are too many to count Of the Dead movies, with the originals still being the best. Diary of the Dead was AWFUL!

And zombies are EVERYWHERE! You are pretty much guaranteed to find zombie stuff in mainstream places now. I would not be surprised to see stuff in Wal-Mart.

But zombies still have their original fans, the hardcore ones. The ones who say the slow shuffling zombies are the REAL ones, not the fast running zombies. You should be able to outrun a zombie, unless you get swarmed by a horde.

And a great example of how mainstream they have gotten is the show The Walking Dead. Now, there are several groups of people who watch this show (in my opinion), those who like the comic, those who like zombies, and those who like the story. And I apologize in advance for my comments that follow. When I first found out about the show, I was soooo excited. I love zombies. I had heard of the comic, hadn’t read it though, so I wasn’t aware of much of the story. But zombie survivors? How could it go wrong? Well, IN MY OPINION, it’s not a great show for zombie fans. It’s on AMC, which I know is about storytelling, and I know now that the comic is about the story of the people, but with a show about zombies, there are very little. Sure, there will be an episode or 2 that are full of zombie interaction, and the last half of the 2nd season was better than the rest, but I find it disappointing. I don’t connect with the people, I don’t feel for them. I would very much enjoy seeing them ripped open and their insides munched on. And I KNOW I am gonna get chastised for these comments, but I don’t care. The show has lost it’s thrill for me.

And as much as it pains me to say this, I almost (ALMOST) feel like zombies are too mainstream for me now. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like the flavour has run out. And it makes me sad. They seem to have lost their spark.

Though I will always love them. And enjoy training for the apocalypse (I have purchased and learned to use a compound bow), and the fact that my hubby has adorned his jeep with zombie decals. I just feel sad about them sometimes.

This post was more about my opinion of zombies, I realize that. But too bad. It’s my blog!!


Part 3 coming soon. Epic conclusion. What will it be???