i am going to start reviewing some of the bad movies on Netflix. And by bad I am B movies or other weird ones. And what better way to start off then with Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan

FYI: Spoilers

The movie is about a group of teen delinquents who get taken on a camping trip as part of their reform. Lead by the surly correction officer and do-gooder social worker, they head out into the wilderness, and camp out. Of course the first night a crazy old man comes out of the bush rambling and needs to be shooed off. Then the next day the teens find a large animal skull with horns and one takes one of the horns and hides it in his bag.

We then get to see a giant come to the spot and find the missing horn and get royally pissed off. He finds the teens and starts axing them up.

They hide out in the cabin and slowly get chopped and the crazy old man comes back and tells them the tale of Paul Bunyan, and how that was his ox’s horn they took and he’s pissed. They continue to get sliced until the sheriff comes and manages to get the one remaining teen and social worker away. This leads to a great chase scene of the giant being shot at with a shotgun by the sheriff (from the back of a moving pick up truck) and the giant deflecting the shots with his axe.

They lead him to a hydro dam, and as he chases them onto it, the sheriff’s posse show up and shoot the crap outta the giant. He looks at the teen girl as he is about to fall, with his hand raised like “WTF” and falls off the dam and sinks.

My thoughts? For a B movie it sure was bad. I am a huge fan of B movies, but this one wasn’t even ridiculous enough to be good.

Here are things that stuck with me.

– for some reason his giant arms and chest were hairless but his legs (sticking out of his tattered pants) were so hairy they looked like leg warmers

– which makes me wonder, if he keep growing and got huge, how did he manage to find pants and sandals to wear?

– and somehow his axe grew in size with him?

– for someone his size he has impressive reflexes to deflect shotgun shots at close range, using his giant axe

Overall i wasn’t that impressed by it. I have seen better “bad” movies.

I give it a 2 axes out of 5.

I need to come up with my own rating system lol