Ok it’s time to come clean. I am a WoW geek. I play World of Warcraft, and have since BC (Burning Crusade) so a few years now.

WoW is it’s own subculture in the world of games. We have our own lingo, our own elitism, and always feel a connection when we find one of our own out in the real world.

My hubby got me hooked on it and I think I got more obsessed than him. I always liked the social side of it more. I get to interact with people from all over, other real people not just AI. I quickly made friends who I did many things in the game with, and it was awesome.

But over the years I did get bored at times, and would take breaks for a few months, usually in the summer. I always went back though, and most of the time the people I knew were still around. Some even became our friends IRL (in real life).

I was kind of a lazy gamer. I would get distracted by silly things (when the Liche King expansion came out I saw a whale in the ocean and followed it out for 10 minutes lol) or get too caught up in the holiday events to really level up my toons. For years I only had one high level. But then I buckled down, almost to prove to my hubby I could, and now have 4 max level characters, and several on their way.

The biggest issue I always had with WoW though, was that when we started playing we ended up on a server in a different timezone, 3 hours behind, because we didn’t know there was a choice. And by the time we did our toons were too high to want to start over. The problem with the time difference is when you get into guilds who play to do things like raid, it is usually at times inconvenient for us. I couldn’t raid at 10pm at night (raids usually take a minimum of 3 hours) when I have to get up for work at 7am. So the only time to do things was on the weekends, which wasn’t very much time. Which meant I usually missed out on a lot, unless I lucked out and got into a group with strangers at a time I could go.

And the missing out is what makes me the saddest about WoW. I missed a lot of end game content along way. And the other thing that made me sad would be when guilds would fall apart and people would leave the game. It was nice to have a bunch of people to do things with and it always sucked when that fell apart. All part of the game, but a sucky part.

Still, no matter how many times I leave, or for how long (last time was 6 months) I always end up back in Azeroth, fighting the good fight on the side of the Horde. And this song is my battle cry for WoW.