Let’s see, what things make me a geek…

I guess above all I am a computer geek thru and thru. My dad is a computer engineer and I can remember using computers my whole life, and remember even before Windows when it was just DOS. I even used to play with an old keyboard lol Went to college for computers and worked as a programmer, web developer, and now IT Systems Administrator. I sometimes wish I had been more dedicated to it and would have worked more on my skills, but I am still confident in my abilities.

I love video games. I play them, I watch my hubby play them. I like role playing ones like Final Fantasy and WoW the best. Ones with a story. I have had many consoles over the years and also played on the PC. I still have my original Gameboy and Tetris.

I love Zombies. Like, LOVE them. And have since before they were mainstream (I’m a zombie hipster hahaha). I prefer the slow shuffling kind. And the cheesy B zombie movies. I always thought it would be awesome if there was a zombie tv show. Just the day to day life of a zombie. He gets up, looks for brains, goes to work (which is probably just shuffling down the road), meets up with his zombie buds to discuss the day, and then shuffles home. I even wrote a short story about a chick who gets turned into a zombie, from her perspective. (I should post it for people to read…hmm…).

I prefer Star Wars to Star Trek, although I recently started watching the Star Trek movies for the first time. Mainly because I love cheesy space movies, but also to see what they were like. I would still take Han over Kirk anyday.

Sometimes I almost wish I hadn’t fought my inner geek for so many years. I would have done much more geeky things, like play Magic, or D&D, or other games I thought were below me, and now I think I just missed out on them. I was a selfloathing geek for so long. But I guess now I am making up for it, and not caring anymore.

I will indulge my inner geek!