So one sorta hobby I have I guess is making things.

It started with these bunnies. I saw something similar online and thought “Hey! I can make that!” and so I did.

I made a whole bunch, and even have taken commissions and sold them.

I did that for awhile, and even sold some wholesale to a small store in a different town.

I started to get burnt out making them though, so I started making things for me. I made this character from the movie 9.

I have also made costumes parts. Like this kitty hat.

And these yarn dreads.

And I even made the coffee and donut from the Excel gum commercials.

I also made a rag doll, which can be seen in my previous post Ragdoll Finished and the few before it on the progress.

I guess my whole point is, I like making things. I find it very relaxing sitting and sewing something. And most people find this surprising because I tend to have a short temper and get stressed easy. But I get in this zone when making things and a nice calm takes over.

And right now I am working on a new doll. An anime character. And I will be sure to post when it is done.