With my birthday being on Monday (the 21st for anyone paying attention lol *winkwink*) I thought I would do a Friday Faves on cake flavours! Yay!

1. Red Velvet (Omg so totally my fave flavour of cake! Moist and delicious!)

2. Yellow (There is something comforting about yellow cake with chocolate icing. mmmm)

3. Carrot (Not one of most people’s usuals, but one of mine. Nice in the fact it’s not too sweet)


So I felt like doing a bonus Friday Faves today. To cheer me up from my bad day I am having (before 9am even!). And it kinda goes with the cake one. Or at least the fact that my birthday is on the first long weekend of summer.

Fave 3 Summer Drinks

1. Iced Coffee (I love coffee all year long, but summer means iced coffee!)

2. A&W Root Beer Float (able to be enjoyed all year but I prefer it in the summer)

3. Corona (I can’t drink regular beer, so I drink Coronas in the summer)