In honour of Geek Pride Day (Towel Day, etc) my Friday Faves today are geared toward geeks.

My Fave 3 Geek Movies! (It’s a hard one to narrow down to just 3, so I will go with the first 3 I think of)

1. Hackers (Computers, Johnny Lee Miller, Cheesy goodness, can’t lose!)

2. Office Space (Not quite about geeks, but as an office worker I can relate to it)

3. Sneakers (Oldie but goodie, old school hackers)

Not these may not be the most often thought of or top in most mainstream lists, but I enjoy giving the underdogs a chance 🙂

Happy Geek Day!

PS Stay tuned over the next few days for the first part of my epic 3 part blog! Subject is a secret until it’s posted, but I assure it will be excellent!