Thanks to everyone who sent a clip for my first podcast. It was great hearing all of them.

I am planning my 2nd one, and this one will be about music. Geek music, indie music, any music.

I will be including some songs from some of my fave indie artists, BUT I am still including some geeky clips as well.

So if you wanna be a part of it, send me a short geeky clip. Can be geek related, or music related for the topic of this pod. Tell me about why you like music. What it means to you.

AND AND AND, if you are a musician or part of a band, and want to have your music on the show, send me that as well and I will give you an intro and tell everyone where to find you.

As always, I enjoy feedback on the show and the site. So find me (it’s not that hard).
@cyannide on twitter